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The 3 possible types of codes in the computer hardware diagnostic industry

Time:2016-03-22 16:11:34  View:

Hi this is William, in my last article, we have discussed and compared the 2 diagnosis technology methods used on our unique PC test cards.


In this article, I would like to discuss how we can accurately reflect the diagnosis results from using those 2 diagnosis technologies.


There are digital display units, the LCD panel and LEDs indicators on the motherboard diagnostic cards.

No matter we are using the traditional digital display or glass LCD panel display, both just show how we get the diagnosis result.

The most important part is how the results are generated and what technology of diagnosis have been used.

This is important since we need the accurate and reliable computer diagnostic results quickly. We do not want the nice looking test units but inaccurate diagnostic test results, right?


In order to get us the most accurate and effective computer hardware troubleshooting results, our unique test kits integrated both types of the diagnosis technologies (the traditional Bios POST codes+ the unique Extra Qiguan codes).


Now, based on these 2 technologies, we have also integrated all 3 available codes methods in the computer hardware diagnosis industry to accurately reflect the computer motherboard diagnostic results obtained from these 2 available technologies.


The 3 available codes in the computer hardware diagnostic industry are:


A.   The Digital Codes

B.   The LED codes and

C.  The Audio Beep Codes


1.   The digital codes comes with 6digits that we can break into 2 parts, the 2digits for showing the Bios codes, the other 4digit will be showing the Qiguan codes. These codes will be pointing us to the computer mobo chipsets, CPU processors, RAM memory, onboard interrupt and controllers, Video GPU ... etc.


2.   The LED codes are the great indicators for the motherboard basic signals and activities including the connectors power voltage ratings(3v, 12v), basic mobo POST and working signals, activities such as Reset (RST) and Clock (CLK), Frame, IRDY, CPU RUN Signals … etc. These basic signals are critical indicators of the motherboard working conditions. E.g. each mobo reset itself quickly 1-2 times during the first press on the power button. If the motherboard cannot get the reset circuitry working correctly on the start up, we probably cannot see the POST display screen on the computer.


3.   The Audio beep codes is also the other nice indicator as well to alert us the possible faulty crucial components on the motherboard during the computers startup.


Having all these 3 possible types of diagnostic codes in the computer hardware diagnostic industry, we can troubleshoot the computers hardware problems very effective and accurately, no need to guess or swapping known good parts to narrow down to the computer faulty areas.


Now, we have all these 3 available nice codes on our unique PC test kits.

I aimed at getting my customers and friends the most reliable and powerful computer diagnostic test kits to get the most reliable accurate PC and laptop diagnosis results in a timely manner.


Hope these help.

Many more great nice topics to discuss next…


Thanks for going through the whole article.

Any comment or suggestion, please kindly contact me at

Appreciate that.


Kind regards,

William Yu

Senior IT Consultant and Tech Support Manager