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Unique Motherboard Stability Test

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Hi this is William, in my last article, we have discussed and compared the 3 types of the diagnostic codes (Digital, LED and Audio) in our new computer motherboard diagnostic cards.


In this article, I would like to discuss the other unique feature on our PC test cards, the motherboard Stability Test.


Back to the time prior to the invention of the PC motherboard diagnostic test cards, we used the software suite to run the bench tests on the new built computers before handing them to the customer.
The purpose was to make sure the new machines are quality past and able to run smoothly and steadily.
The software diagnostic suite normally will perform a couple hours’ stress tests and the system components checks.
Yes, this was a very time and resource consuming process to check on the computer system integrity and quality.

Now, there is a new unique feature on our PC motherboard diagnostic test cards, we call that "Stability Test".
This feature allows us to check the motherboard overall stability in a much short time than the software suites do.

There will be 2 LEDs, "Stable" and "Unstable" to indicate this stability test result.

If the motherboard is having the hardware conflicts that causing the unstable signals, the Unstable LED will turn steady ON to alert us.

Better yet, running of this Stability Test feature using our PC motherboard diagnostic test cards need not to do as many configurations as the software suite do.

Just install the diagnostic test card to the motherboard, then following a few simple steps instruction to press the button to reboot the PC, the PC diagnostic test card will auto scan the whole motherboard and provide us the stability test result in a few minutes, also we may do this stability test a few more times as needed.
The Stability result, again, will be given by the LED on the diagnostic card.

This nice unique stability test feature can save us a lot of time and money (including the technicians’ labor hours and utilities fees) to quickly and accurately check on our computers, either new built or used computers.

The unstable signal will help us to check further on the computers before that go faulty completely.
Just like a health check that we may do on a periodical time basis.

I aimed at getting my customers and friends the most reliable and powerful computer diagnostic test kits and to explore the best new technology in IT computing today.
Hope this can help to get the most reliable accurate PC and laptop diagnosis results quickly and effectively.


Hope these help.

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Thanks for going through the whole article.

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William Yu

Senior IT Consultant and Tech Support Manager