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The Bios POST codes VS the Qiguan Factory Diagnosis Codes

Time:2015-07-15 23:09:38  View:

Hi this is William, in my last article, we have seen that there are 2 types of the diagnosis technology in the computer motherboard diagnostic products today.

In this article, I would like to do the comparison and take a closer look on these 2 types of diagnosis, the traditional Bios POST code and the New Qiguan Diagnosis code.

First, the traditional Bios POST codes that we should be the most familiar with since Bios already been using in the last decade. And the Bios codes were even much older than 20 years time.

The Bios POST method actually are having the motherboard diagnostic card installing on the computer standard PCI, ISA or Parallel(LPT) connector and allow these devices to retrieve the Bios POST codes when we are powering up our computers. During the computer POST process, the Bios codes will be retrieved by the Bios test cards and shows the status of the computer POST process.

These devices rely on the computer BIOS working condition completely.

If the Bios went down or corrupted, this traditional BIOS POST debug diagnostic analyzer test card will not work and also will not get us the accurate diagnosis result.

The other newer technology, the Qiguan diagnosis, this is the revolutionary technology that works on its own algorithms, not rely on the Bios at all.

The test cards with this new technology mostly work better than the traditional Bios POST only cards on the market.

The PC test cards we have here focus on the actual features and the functionality to get our job done right so does not come with the attractive external LCD design.

So when looking for the best computer motherboard diagnostic analyzer POST test cards, that is advisable to look for the one with both Bios and Qiguan diagosis intergrated since the Bios only POST test cards rely on the Bios completely and cannot afford a non functioning Bios.

Bios codes and the Qiguan codes both come with own advantages.

Now the good news is that all motherboard diagnostic cards we have here come with BOTH of these 2 types codes and technology integrated on the smart chips on the test card unit.

This allows us to quick troubleshooting the computers most effectively and accurately using both methods.

Of course, 2 types of codes, there will be 2 sets of the codes lists and instructions.

Once Bios code is not getting us enough info or we doubted the Bios are corrupted, we can get the extra set of diagnosis method instantly.

Hope these helps.

Next we will continue more essential topics...

Kind regards,

William Yu

Senior IT Consultant and Tech Support Manager