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There are 2 types of technologies used in the Computer Motherboard Diagnostic today

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Hi , this is William from

In this article, I would like to summarize what technologies used on the PC motherboard diagnostic analyzer debug POST test cards on the market today.

As we know, IBM compatible computers such as the desktop PCs, server computers, or laptops, all comes with Bios chips.

Bios = Basic Input Output System. This in fact a very small OS (operating system) on the motherboard itself.

The Bios have been invented far more than 20 years ago.

Seems the computer in 1974 already been using the Bios.

POST = Power On Self Test

Once we press the computer power button, the computer will perform a serial of actions as instructed by the Bios. The Bios will quickly perform a self test on all the crucial components such as CPU processor, Memory RAM, Video GPU … etc. components that take role in getting the computer to POST and to boot to the Windows Operating system on the HDD (Hard Drive).

The Bios POST test cards on the market today have been using this Bios POST process and getting the Bios POST codes directly from the computer Bios and to display on the test card unit. Bios codes mostly are showing by the 2digit codes such as 00, 01 … etc.

If there is any hardware components fail during the computer POST process, the computer will halt and the Bios will stop at that code pointing to the failed hardware components on the motherboard.

This has been the traditional BIOS POST code method that been using more than a decade already on the Bios POST diagnostic cards on the market, even today.

The other technology besides the traditional Bios POST method just described above is the Unique Qiguan Diagnosis Codes that is totally another set of the codes comparing to the traditional Bios codes in interpreting the computer hardware fault.

For now, this extra unique diagnosis codes does NOT rely on the computer Bios at all.

The Qiguan Diagnosis Codes are shown by total 4digit codes such as 04F1, 04F3 ... etc.

We will do more analysis and compare both types of technologies in the next article.

Hope this helps.

William Yu

Senior IT Consultant and Tech Support Manager