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Are you interested in buying, using, testing or learning computers troubleshooting equipments for Desktop, Servers and Laptops?
If so, you've come to the right place. My name is William Yu, and for the last 14 years, I've specialized in helping my clients find the best hardware diagnostic, analyzer, debugger, POST checker or quick self test kits for motherboards. Please allow me to be your guide.
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Compare the Software Computer Diagnostic Suite to the Hardware Motherboard Diagnostic Test Kits

Time:2015-06-11 11:46:36  View:

Hi my friends,

This is William again, we can see there are plenty of the Software diagnostic suites on internet.

We can test our computers using those software suites.

But a lot of time the software diagnostic suites applications are not going to work unless the PC or laptop is only having very minor problem and the test result also rely on the computer Bios and/or other software running on the computer as well.

Most of time, when we have computer problem, we get no display screen, NO POST, or only see the computer logo without Windows OS desktop screen(no Boot), computer boots but freezes...etc.

For these common situations, those software diagnostic application will not work since we need to install the software application suite in advanced to the computers and the computers must be in the good condition to POST, boot, and loads to the Windows Operation System.

The hardware diagnostic kits work without requiring the computers to POST, to show the display screen, and also no need to boot and loads the Windows operating systems.

Just install the hardware test kit to the computer, press the power button and wait for the hardware test kit to scan the computers for us.

Any faulty components on the motherboards including the CPU processor, mobo chipsets, RAM memory, Video cards GPUs, HDD controllers and interrupts...etc. will be pointed out by the hardware test kits.

And again, when using the hardware motherboard diagnostic analyzer POST test kits, we need not to have the computers (both desktop and laptop PCs) showing any POST screen or booting and loading the Windows operating systems. This is far more practical and useful!

Hope this helps.

William Yu

Senior IT Consultant and Tech Support Manager