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Are you interested in buying, using, testing or learning computers troubleshooting equipments for Desktop, Servers and Laptops?
If so, you've come to the right place. My name is William Yu, and for the last 14 years, I've specialized in helping my clients find the best hardware diagnostic, analyzer, debugger, POST checker or quick self test kits for motherboards. Please allow me to be your guide.
We have the best quality, nice unique featured and quick easy-to-use hardware repair tools for PC owners, technicians, IT classes students and parts traders.

PC Motherboard Analyzers

Desktop and Laptop PC Computer Quick Repair Troubleshooting Diagnostic Starter Kit

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This is William from

I have been computer hardware field more than 24 years now (since year 1994).

I have carefully compared and prepared the great value unique helper kits for the desktop PC and laptop computers hardware troubleshooting repairs.

The following is the starter kit that I would like to recommend.

Happy customers and friends are my assets

I am not selling parts only. I am offering Free Life Time Supports and also prepared the step by step Easy Guide plus pictorial Manuals to help using this nice starter kit easily.

All these instructions are made based on my past 24 years of computer hardware experiences.

Please see more details below, any other question, welcome to contact me anytime.

PC and Laptop Computer Quick Repair Diagnostic POST Analyzer Starter Kit

This is a great starter kit for quick troubleshooting computers no POST, no Boot, no Display, cannot be powered on …etc issues.

Also an easy to use, nice test kit that just need to be installed to the computer so that it can auto scan the computers motherboard and power supply units to show the faulty parts directly without swapping Known Good Parts. 

This set allows the quick repair, diagnosis, analyze, troubleshooting and quick POST test  the desktop PC motherboards power supply units(PSU) as well as testing the laptop notebook computers.

This new test kit consists of the following items:  

1.    Desktop PC PCI motherboard diagnostic card

2.    Desktop PC ATX power supply unit (PSU) tester

3.    Laptop motherboard WIFI (both miniPCI and miniPCIe) diagnostic card

4.    Corded wrist band strap
5.   Desktop PC Motherboard power switch cable

6.   OTG Organized Hard Carrying case

This is very Nice and Essential for computer lovers, class students, PC laptop owners and technicians to quick check the desktop and laptop PC computers.

Save money and great deal of time in the computer repair diagnosis.

List of some major features of this test kit:

1.    Comes with unique all 3 possible diagnostic codes in the computer hardware diagnosis to make the troubleshooting much more accurate and effective: the Digital codes, the LED codes and the Audio beep codes as well. Many other test kits do not have all these codes available.


2.       Works on the desktop computer standard PCI connector, laptop standard WIFI connectors (PCI, PCIe) and LPC (LPC needs the advanced skills and the optional LPC bindle wire).


3.       All in one power supply unit tester allows quick check of the PC ATX power supply units, brilliant LEDs and the built-in speaker generates the audio alert to indicate the working condition of the power supply units.

4.   The motherboard power switch cable is nice in quick check of the faulty PC case power botton that casuing the no Power On issue.
This can help save a lot of time in checking the other components such as the Power Supply Unit (PSU) and the motherboard...etc.

5.       The nice easy to wear corded antistatic wrist band helps to discharge the electronic static quickly. 

This helps to add the extra cares to the computer parts during the repair process. 

.       The durable nice OTG (On-the-Go) carrying case is so nice to organize and putting all pieces in place after the uses, liquid-proof, shock resistant, very neat for the On-The-Go and storage purpose.

The carrying case helps to prevent the wear and tears during the carrying and moving of the test kit parts. All parts are protected.

This nice sturdy carrying case holds all these valuable tester components altogether.

Everything include in the carrying case, ready to go, very neat, highly organized.

Putting back all items into the case again after the uses prevents the item(s) from being lost or left behind. Great and essential to keep the whole kit intact and for prolong uses.

This is a very neat, easy to use, nice looking with great features test kit to start with and allows us quick check the computers in a professional and effective manner.

Great kit to help making the faulty computers to work again, save money and time in getting the job done effectively. A single kit works on many computers, a must have helper tool kit to own.

Technology changes our computing life, this is recommended and selected great nice starter kit for computer owners, DIY learners, technicians and college students!

Great for Computer Novices and Professionals!

A must have! Fast USA and International Shipping with Free Lifetime Supports!

Get parcels quickly!

All parcels come with tracking number!

Welcome to contact if have any question!

Happy Shopping!


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