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PC Motherboard Analyzers

New Desktop PC Computer Motherboard and RAM Slot DDR2 DDR3 Analyzer No POST no Display Digital LED Diagnostic Test Cards Kit

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New Desktop PC Computer Motherboard and RAM Slot DDR2 DDR3 Analyzer 
Digital LED Diagnostic Test Cards Kit for Troubleshooting No POST no
 Display Problem

This is a great nice test cards kit for quick troubleshooting desktop computers no POST, no Boot, no Display issues.

Easy to use, just install the test card to the motherboard and then power on as usual, this test cards kit can auto scan the computers motherboard to show the faulty components directly without swapping Known Good Parts. 

This is the least expensive method and the most effective quick PC troubleshooting, no need to spend time and money in acquiring a set of the Known Good Parts such as the CPU processor, Memory RAM modules, Video Card...etc. in advance in order to swap and check for the faulty components on the computer.

This set of the PC test cards kit allows the quick repair, diagnosis, analyze, troubleshooting and quick repair of finding out the earlier desktop PC motherboards faulty components.

Works on the earlier PCs with DDR2 or DDR3 RAM slots.

If need to diagnose the newer latest computers, please see my other listing with the PCIe Pro Kit cards.

This new test kit consists of the following items:

1.    Desktop PC PCI motherboard diagnostic card

2.    Desktop PC DDR2 DDR3 RAM slots LED diagnostic card

3.    Corded antistatic wrist band strap 

This is very Nice and Essential for computer lovers, class students, PC laptop owners and technicians to quick check the desktop computers 

Save money and great deal of time in the computer repairs and troubleshooting

Take the faulty computers out of the garage and use this test cards kit to start the quick diagnosis today!

List of some major features of this test kit:

1.    Comes with unique all 3 possible diagnostic codes in the computer hardware diagnosis to make the troubleshooting much more accurate and effective: the Digital codes, the LED codes and the Audio beep codes


2.       The motherboard diagnostic card works on the desktop computer standard PCI connectors.


3.       The RAM slot LED test card works on both DDR2 and DDR3 RAM slots.

4.      The nice easy to wear corded antistatic wrist strap helps to discharge the electronic static quickly. 

This is a very neat, easy to use, nice great featured testcards kit to start with the PC hardware repairs and allows us quick check the computers in a professional and effective way

Great kit to help making the faulty computers to work again, save money and time in getting the job done effectively. 

A single kit works on many computers, a must have helper tool kit to own.

Technology changes our computing life, this is recommended and selected great nice PC test cards kit for computer owners, DIY learners, technicians and college students!

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