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Are you interested in buying, using, testing or learning computers troubleshooting equipments for Desktop, Servers and Laptops?
If so, you've come to the right place. My name is William Yu, and for the last 14 years, I've specialized in helping my clients find the best hardware diagnostic, analyzer, debugger, POST checker or quick self test kits for motherboards. Please allow me to be your guide.
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New Nice Computer Tech Essential Cordless Battery Powered Screwdriver

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New Nice Portable Battery Powered Screwdriver Set

uses of the standard "AA" type chargeable and non-rechargeable batteries

Must have nice tool for the PC technicians, computers admin, computer owners who need to loose and tightened different sizes of the screws on the computers including the desktop PC and laptops during the computer hardware works.

Also great for daily home small appliances or furnitures maintenance works.

Bendable to become a hand held electric screwdrive gun and works with multi type screw driver head included.


1.      Easy to use: just install 4 standard AA type battery to the screwdriver, then adjust the direction of the rotation (to tighten or loose the screws), then press the power trigger on this electrical screw driver.

We can also bend and change the shape of the screw driver from the straight shape to the hand gun shape

2.      Once we press the power button on this battery powered screw driver, the builtin LED will generate a beam of the bright light to help illuminate the screwdriver head surrounding areas. We should be able to see the screws and the nearby area components easily and clearly. This is great for working under the desk or table dark areas without a torch.

3.      the Included universal screw driver heads and the extender allows us to use the different types of the screw drivers easily.

4.      Uses of the standard AA type battery (either non chargeable or chargeable AA size battery) to easily and neatly working on the screws without using the corded edition bulky heavy electric screw driver. No need to look for the wall jack for the power supply and having a clumpsy power cord swinging during the uses.
Also no worry of running out of the battery on those builtin rechargeable battery types electricial screw drivers.  We can simply replace the common AA sized battery anytime we need them.

5.      Not just working on the PC computer or laptop motherboard screws, also works on repairing the home small compliance and the furniture. Powerful torques and the high speed of rotations can do the jobs easily.

One Electric Auto Screwdriver kit works in many situations

A must have selected nice electric tool to help ease our arm muscles and assisting the works done much faster and effectively!

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