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New USB Power Voltage Safety Monitor and Tester

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New USB Power Safety Monitor and Tester

Monitoring the USB power ratings to Automatically cut off the USB power supply when the USB port is working out of specs

Quick test the USB power sources connectors for the voltage and current ratings

Works on all USB power adapter chargers including the following most commonly seen USB power sources on the market:

·         PC and laptop USB ports (this is also one of the crucial parts to test the laptop battery capacity as well)

·         Power adapter charger with USB connectors for smart mobile phone, tablet PCs, PDA, digital camera … etc.

·         Vehicle cigarette power adapter with USB connector

·         Portable power battery bank with USB output connectors


·        Great compatibility:

Small compact design and look like a standard USB flash disk, just connect to any USB connector before connecting the USB charging devices such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital camera … etc.

·         USB power monitoring to provide power safety


Provides real-time protection to the charging device by cutting off the USB power whenever there are powers over or under loaded. E.g. standard USB charger output voltage should be 5V. If the USB power sources is outputting over or lower than 5V voltage and over the allowable ranges, this device will automatically cut off the USB power current flow to the charging devices such as iphone 6 to prevent the damage done to the phone .

·         Both Visual and Audio codes for indicating the problem

LEDs showing the USB power sources ratings including the voltages and current.

Bulit in speaker and smart chips to generate the audio alerts and cut off the power output when the USB power sources is working out of specs.

·         Allows the quick check on the USB power source ratings

Quick check the USB power current and voltage. Needs the optional “multi functional resistor” for measuring the USB Power Sources Capacity, please see my other items for the “multifunctional USB power capacity testing accessory kit”).


·         Allows the USB data pass through besides the USB electricity power


Some PC or laptop USB connectors could be faulty or at unknown shorted condition, we cannot risk of letting the unstable power on the USB connectors to short our valuable data on our USB flash drives or USB external HDDs.

So before installing the USB flash drives or USB external HDDs to the PC or laptop USB ports, we can also install this USB power safety monitor and tester first to the PC and laptop USB connector, then connect the USB drives devices to the rear end of this USB power tester.

Having this USB power monitor tester work between the unknown USB ports and the USB drives, we can get extra power protections and assurances on our valuable data while accessing our data on the USB storage devices.


How to use:

We have outlined some USB power sources above.

Here are some examples of the USB charging devices on the market as well.

The USB charging devices are the devices that rely on the USB interface power connector to recharge the battery. 

These devices mostly are small appliance devices such as the Mobile phone, tablet PCs, digital camera, gamepads, wrist band type watches … etc.

This USB monitor and tester comes with 2 USB connectors on both ends. 1 male and 1 female USB connector.

Just connect the male USB connector to any USB port on the USB power sources, then connect the charging cable to the other end of this USB monitor tester (female USB connector).

So we have this USB safety card work between the USB power sources and the USB charging devices to provide the extra power protection to the charging devices


This is the nice and essential gadgets to own. It’s far worth more than its value to provide the extra power protection to our valuable USB charging devices including our new iphone 6, iphone 6plus. Just at a fraction of the price, do not risk of charging of the phone on the unknown working condition wall jacks.

Take this “small movable USB surge protector” with your phone charger together today!

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