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Are you interested in buying, using, testing or learning computers troubleshooting equipments for Desktop, Servers and Laptops?
If so, you've come to the right place. My name is William Yu, and for the last 14 years, I've specialized in helping my clients find the best hardware diagnostic, analyzer, debugger, POST checker or quick self test kits for motherboards. Please allow me to be your guide.
We have the best quality, nice unique featured and quick easy-to-use hardware repair tools for PC owners, technicians, IT classes students and parts traders.

PC Motherboard Analyzers

New Complete Essential PC Laptop Motherboard & Power PSU BSOD Freeze Repair Diagnostic Analyze POST Test Tool kit

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This is a new nice complete PC and laptop diagnostic repair test analyzer tool kit

Great for quick test the desktop PC motherboard power supply and laptops

No need to taking the computers apart or swap known good parts in the diagnosis


This kit consists of the following 4 new items:


        1 x 6digit Desktop PCI motherboard diagnostic POST debug analyzer test card

   1 x 6digit Laptop PCI / PCIe / LPC motherboard diagnostic POST debug analyzer test card

   1 x Desktop PC Power Supply Unit (PSU) tester

        1 x Wireless Anti Static ESD Wrist Band Strap


●The 1st item: 6digit Desktop PCI motherboard diagnostic POST debug analyzer test card – comes with Dual Diagnosis (Factory diagnosis + traditional Bios POST diagnosis).

 Total 2 complete different manual codes for these 2 diagnosis.


This new factory diagnosis is a very nice feature since the Bios could have corrupt or non working. Cannot rely on the Bios POST only diagnostic card out there


Combining Digital, LED and Audio beep codes to provide the most effective and accurate desktop PC hardware diagnosis


Comes with the unique Stability Test feature for testing of the whole PC working condition quickly.


 ●The 2nd item: 6digit Laptop PCI / PCIe / LPC motherboard diagnostic POST debug analyzer test card – comes with Dual Diagnosis (Factory diagnosis + traditional Bios POST diagnosis).

Also comes with 2 manual codes lists with both Digital and LED codes to provide the easy laptop diagnosis without taking the laptops apart.


Allow multiple connection to the different laptops by using the laptop PCI, PCI expressed (PCIe) and LPC connectors.

NO need to take the whole laptop apart, save time and hassles of dissembling the laptops to diagnose


 ●The 3rd item: The ATX All-in-one PC Power Supply Unit (PSUs) tester is a quick helper to test the PC PSU working condition.


Capable of testing all ATX power Supply Units 20/24 mobo power, 4/6/8 pins video system power and SATA, IDE ...etc. power connectors.


        ●The 4th item: Wireless Anti Static ESD Wrist Band Strap is great for the electronic parts repairs and installations.

Help to discharge the statics very quickly (in millisecond)

Allows the free arms movement when comparing to the wired antistatic wrist band.

Also no risk of broken wire that could happen inside the corded wrist band strap.

New latest edition

How to use:

This kit to to help easy troubleshooting the PC and laptop hardware quickly

NO need to taking the computers apart or swapping costly known good parts

On desktop PCs, just connect the different PSU power connectors such as the 20/24 on mobo, SATA, 4/6/8 pins video …etc. power connectors to this All-in-one PSU tester, then power on the PSU, the LED and audio codes will guide us to find out if the Power Supply is a working unit or not.

After checking the PSU power unit, we can install the motherboard test card to the PC any available standard PCI connector, then power on the PC.

On laptops, just swap the laptop WIFI cards for this laptop test card, then also power on the laptop as usual.

After powering on, the test cards will auto scan the PC and laptop motherboards for the faulty parts.

Error codes will be generated on the faulty computers, then we can refer to the manual and easy guide to interpret the codes easily.


Again, this is a great complete kit set for both desktop PC and laptop computers self quick diagnosis and checking

  Nice and essential tool kit for computer owners, computer lab admins, PC technicians, new and used computers parts business traders to quick check the PC health conditions. Also a perfect kit for students taking computer classes!


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