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New USB Multi Function Resistors Test Kit with LEDs

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New Rare USB Multi Interfaces Discharger Kit with 9 LEDs


Essential to work together with the USB voltage tester to measure the USB power sources total electrical capacity (in mAh)

Multi interfaces and configurable resistors settings to allow the different methods of measuring the USB power sources total electrical capacities easily and conveniently


Here are some most common USB power sources available on the markets:


·         the USB ports on the PCs and laptops

·         the Power Adapter Charger with USB connector cable that comes with every smart mobile phone, tablet PC, PDA and digital camera … etc. USB recharging devices

·         the Vehicle Cigarette Power Adapter Charger with USB connectors

·         the Portable Power Battery Bank with USB output connectors (eg. 5000mAh, 10000mAh, or even higher stated power capacity power bank to recharge the mobile phone while on the go)


If we have a portable battery bank that being stated with 12000mAh power capacity to be able to recharge our cell phone 4 times or more, how can be find out if this advert is true or how far is the stated power capacity different from the ACTUAL power capacity?

If we have a laptop battery that does not last as long as new, how can we find out how much capacity that the laptop battery is holding the charge and how much total is the power capacity on the battery?

Now we have this nice rare Power Discharger kit that uses the USB interface to help us get these answers easily!!!

No need to use multi-meter or any other costly power tester to test the laptop battery!!!


All we need is using the USB voltage and current tester in my store + this essential USB power sources discharger kit


We will need this nice resistor kit to discharge off the battery power on the battery and let the USB power voltage tester to pick up the total amount of the power being discharged, this amount will be the actual power capacity on the USB power source or the laptop battery.



·        Comes with 3 types of USB connectors (standard USB connector, microUSB and miniUSB) allows the discharge of over 99.9% USB power sources on the market.


·        Allows 3 types of methods to discharing the USB power sources 1. By using the built in resistor blocks, 2. By using the built in 9LEDs lights and 3. By using the built-in 4 USB connectors for charging up to 4 phones at the same time.


·        3 manual switches for selecting the different combinations of the discharging resistance. Eg. 3 blocks of the resistors with 0.5ohms, 1.0ohms and 2.0ohms, allows the selection of 1.5, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 etc values of resistance to discharge off the USB power sources. Also allows all 3 tyes of discharging methods of the combination of these discharging methods depends on the USB power sources power ratings. Eg. When testing the laptop battery capacity, we may set the resistor to 2.0ohms or just set to 1ohm and turn on the LEDs at the same time.


How to use :


Example 1, for testing the Portable mobile USB power battery bank that specified carrying 10000mAh power capacity, we can connect the USB power safety monitor and tester to the USB portable power bank, then connect this USB mult discharge kit to the USB tester, set the value of the resistors to 1ohm or 1.5ohms, then turn on the USB power bank to start the discharging. During this process of discharing, the USB power tester will pick up the accumulated amount of the power capacity once the USB power bank is discharge till it shut off itself, we can check the total amount of the capacity on the USB tester unit the next time we turn it on. Then comparing this actual figure of the power capacity to the manufacturer stated amount.

Example 2, measuring the laptop battery.

First make sure the laptop battery is charged to full.

Then configure the laptop to standby mode and letting the USB device to keep getting the power. Then connect the USB tester and the USB discharge kit to the laptop USB connector. The USB power tester will start counting the total amount of the battery power capacity running through the tester. The laptop shold be configured to 1or 2 %battery for hibernation mode in the power setting in advanced. So we can measure the remaining near full battery power.


Many other way of using these USB combo kit to test and measure the USB power sources, we can also turn on the LEDs and charging the mobile phones at the same time while we discharging off the USB power sources, this will not “waste” the battery power on those 3 resistor block (if we select the resistor method). The 9 LEDs are bright enough to laminate the whole room as well.

Please take note that using the resistors method will generate heat and high temperature, please DO NOT touch the resistance blocks while the test is in progress!


Again, this is a very nice USB power discharger for working together with the USB power safety and tester kit together to measure the USB power sources total power capacity. We cannot use the USB voltage tester alone to measure the battery capacity.


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