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7 Connectors ESD AntiStatic Metal Socket Panel Console

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This is William from

I have been computer hardware field more than 20 years now (since year 1994).

I have carefully compared and selected the great value unique helper kits on the market for the most useful effective desktop PC and laptop computers hardware troubleshooting repairs.

The following is the selected ESD Static Discharging Console kit that I would like to recommend to fellow computer technicians and Computers DIY lovers

This listing comes with 1 corded Antistatic Wrist Strap and 1 Steel Metal Socket Panel for connecting up to the 7 corded straps at the same time

Features :

  1. Provides a secured and firm metal panel for connecting up to total 7 pieces of the corded antistatic strap at the same time. Discharging off the static in a fastest, most effective and secured way.

  2. No more swinging corded antistatic wrist straps all over the work benches. The steel socket panel is well organized to provide up to 7 straps connections at the same time.

  3. Use in PC, laptop computers, mobile smart phones and all other dedicated electronics hardware works including the troubleshooting and moving the static sensitive parts.

  4. The steel socket panel and the grounding wire are designed perfectly to cut off the arms movement forces from stretching the grounding wires directly. Let us focus on our works instead of paying extra attention to check if the corded wrist strap crocodile jaw is loose or not from the grounding source during work process.

  5. Great quality made materials including the 10cored grounding wires and the aluminium coated connectors to improve the ESD discharging effect to the max.

The advanced and special wiring design on the metal socket panel helps to prevent the grounding connection from getting much stretching force and thus prevents the antistatic wires from breaking up or losing the contact with the grounding sources without any sign of warning.

The socket panel is made of high quality thick steel plate and provides the secure and solid holding of up to total 7 pieces of the antistatic wrist straps at the same time.  Each of these 7 connectors is also coated with the Aluminum coatings to provide the best static conductivities.

The 1.5 meter long grounding wire is a 10-cored PVC wire.The PVC coatings provide the greatest insulation and stability for grounding purpose.

This grounding wire behind the steel plate panel is very durable strong and long enough to connect to the nearby grounding sources securely and firmly.

So we need not to worry of loosing the grounding connection. We are free to move our arms during the dedicated electronics repair process.

Without this ground socket, arms movement like moving parts or sometimes when need to get a little further distance to pick up some parts during the troubleshooting process could have extended or stretched the elastic wrist cord, without this socket jack, it is very easy to loose the original “crocodile jaw” catching connection on the grounding point.

This is a very nice gadget to help organize work space and provides a much better ESD discharging results. Just secure the grounding wire to the grounding source, also secure the metal socket panel on the work bench, then take the Crocodile Jaw off the antistatic wrist strap and plug the strap connector to any available 7 ports on the metal socket panel. This metal ESD discharge console kit allows up to 7 straps connection at the same time, very neat and organized.

A nice gadget to have!
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