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New Desktop PC and Laptop Notebook Computer DDR2 DDR3 RAM Slot LED Test Kit

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New Desktop PC and Laptop Computers DDR2 DDR3 Memory RAM Slot LED Test Cards Kit

Tests all PC and Laptop DDR2 DDR3 RAM Slot Connectors Quickly, Easily and Effectively

Dual orientation design to fit in different PC and Laptop RAM slot connection designs


This nice memory RAM slot diagnostic test kit consists of the following 4 items:

    1.    Desktop PC DDR2 and DDR3 Memory RAM Slot LED test card

    2.    Laptop DDR2 Memory RAM Slot LED test card

    3.    Laptop DDR3 Memory RAM Slot LED test card

    4.    Wireless Antistatic Wrist Band Strap

Manual and video instructions online with the free lifetime update and supports!

Ships fast daily and professionally!

Item Descriptions:

1.    Desktop PC DDR2 and DDR3 Memory RAM Slot LED test card

           This nice test card works with a CR2032 button battery that is available cheaply in any local convenient store.

           Installs on the desktop computer DDR2 / DDR3 RAM slot to check if there is any open or short circuit.

           No need to use the multimeter to measure the RAM connector pins one by one.

           Help to quick check the computer no POST no display issue causing by the faulty memory RAM system.

2.    Laptop DDR2 Memory RAM Slot LED test card

This nice laptop test card works with the button battery CR2032 as well.

Installs on the laptop DDR2 RAM connector, just swap with the laptop DDR2 RAM module.

Dual orientation design that means 2 different layout of the standard laptop DDR2 pins so that we can use the test card on all laptop DDR2 connectors.


The LEDs on this test card will show us if there is any broken or opened RAM pins connections.

3.    Laptop DDR3 Memory RAM Slot LED test card

           This new laptop test card works exactly the same as the above DDR2 RAM LED tester, just uses the different

           DDR3 RAM connectors instead.

4.    Wireless Antistatic Wrist Band Strap

The last item in this kit is a blue Wireless Antistatic Wrist Band strap that we wear on our wrists to help discharge the static quickly.


This new nice PC test kit is great for those PC laptops not showing POST screen, no Boot, BSOD, Freezes ... etc. diagnostic and quick analyze troubleshooting.

This is easy to use, a must have for the PC laptop owners, computer technicians and computer classed students who want to learn about the computers, for computer DIY and any PC stores!!!

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